We make Manchester tarts in different sizes – canapé, teatime, dessert and large to portion. The tarts can be finished with fresh raspberries, complementing the jam within, or retro style with desiccated coconut and a glacé cherry.

The tarts are made to order for parties, weddings, corporate events, gifts or as a small batch for your own enjoyment.

In addition to the Manchester tarts we have developed an award-winning range of other pastries using regional recipes and locally produced ingredients, such as: Lancashire hot pot pies, Cumberland mutton pies, Lancashire cheese and onion pies, Cock-a-Leekie pies & Grimsby fish pies. Equally we are inspired by the cooking of other countries and we include these influences in our pies and tarts: goat’s cheese and fattoush tomato tarts, Italian sausage and borlotti bean pie, ‘Flamiche’, ‘Koulibiaca’, Tarte Borderlure, to name just some. We are continually developing new recipe ideas with a view to providing variety and seasonality for our customers, and because we love cooking.

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